These simple questions related to Adsense will always arise in your mind?

  •  How to make money with Adsense ?
  •  How to apply for Adsense?
  •  Will my website Adsense Approve or not?
  •  Should my blog apply for Adsense now or not?
  •  What is required to get Approval from Google Adsense?
  •  Why did Google Adsense Reject my application?
  •  What should I do if my blog does Adsense Reject?


Open Adsense Account in 1 day Best Adsense Approval Tips Guide.

 Hello friends ! Do you want to earn money on your website with the help of Adsense and also want to fulfill your dreams? Why not friends it is completely possible if you know what to do and what not to get approval from Adsense!

 Every blogger's dream is to have his Adsense Approve and he can earn some money from his website or blog. but ! Before that I want to tell you some important things.

 The first thing I want to tell you is that in order to make money with Google Adsense, you need Active Approved Account of Adsense and it is not as easy to get it. Google Adsense approve the newly applied application only after a very strict look.

 Do not worry! After the completion of this post, this concern will be completely removed.

 Why is Google Adsense the best on the Internet?

 Google Adsense is the world's largest and oldest advertisement publishing company running on PPC (Pay Per Click) system. Its ads are the best because they run according to the choice of the keyword of the website and the visitors of the website.

 We can make a lot of money with Adsense, just we should know how to use it properly. There are many bloggers in the world who have fulfilled all their dreams of life through Adsense.

 Adsense pays more money than other advertising companies, which is its biggest feature. Everyone is in a hurry for the Adsense Approval, but every time they are getting a rejection from Adsense due to mistakes. First we have to understand why there are Application Rejects sent to Google Adsense.

 Why are application applications applied on Google Adsense?

 Below we have mentioned some important points due to which applications applied on Google Adsense are applied - google adsense alternatives

 # 1 Privacy Policy, About Us and Contact Us Page not on website

 First of all it is very important to have a Privacy Policy, About Us and Contact Us Page on the website.

 On the Privacy Policy page, you can explain to your website users about the policy or terms of use related to the use of your website.

 In the About Us page, you can tell about your website as who you are, what facility people will get from your website.

 In the Contact Us page you can enter your contact details like your email address, home address or Telephone number.

 This is most essential according to the policy of Google Adsense. Google Adsense in only three pages knows whether this blogger or website owner is properly professional or not. If these three pages are not on your website and you will apply for Adsense, then the first reason will be the reason for the rejection.

 # 2 Website having unnecessary or half-baked content

 Yes, this is completely true. If your website is new and it does not have any kind of searched visits (Organic Traffic), the website is new which has 1-2 posts with less visits, vomit direct information which makes no sense, take the loading of the website If the time is difficult then the application of the website is rejected as it is against the rules of Adsense.

 Therefore, you need complete information about what to do and what not to get approval from Adsense.

 # 3 Copyed Content

 Many people still do not know what blogging is called. They copy from other's website and paste it on their website and call them Blog Post. No! It is not called blogging, it is completely illegal. Google is very strict in such cases. If the website that is copying is not Google Adsense Approval, they are banned. So always publish your own written post.

 # 4 Write High-Quality Post

 To get the approval of Google Adsense, it is most important that your post or content should be very good. There are some qualities of a good post such as - Heading of the post should be correct, content should be understood along with being good and according to the category of your website. Also, the written post should not be copied from any other website, the post should be complete and not half-complete, every post should be at least 700-1000 words or words with correct grammar.

 # 5 Show your name and email address on any tab of the website

 Before applying on Google Adsense, do not forget to write your name and email address in the Tabs or Right / Left Tab under your website, because this allows Approval as soon as possible. Through this, Adsense knows whether this website is of the right person or not. If your name address is not easily shown to the Adsense team on your website, then they can also consider your Adsense Application by understanding the spam application.

 # 6 Google Adsense does not consider paid traffic good

 Some people bring Fake Traffic to their website to approve Adsense Application as soon as possible. Approval not such website but Google also penalizes it. As we have already told you, Google likes Adsense - Search Traffic, Social Media Traffic, and Traffic coming from other blogs.

 # 7 Remove Adsment of Other Ads Network

 However, Google Adsense allows other reputed ad networks like (Chitika, Infolinks) to be published with their ads but at the given time of the application of Adsense, remove all the ads of the Ad Network.

 # 8 Buy Top-Level Domain for Your Website

 Buy a good domain for your website. The domain should be such that it explains the content of your website by the name of the domain itself. Just like my friend has a website by its name, you will get a guide or information related to Digital Technology on this website.

 If your website is on Blogger, then your domain is something like this, These website can be found without the Approval Top-level Domain of Google Adsense but if your website is hosted on another hosting site. So the top-level domain is very important.

 # 9 How is your website

 Which topic your website is on, it matters a lot for Adsense Approval. What type of content does Adsense not approve of websites - websites with stolen content, porn or adult websites, websites with Hacking or Illegal tricks, or because of not supporting Adsense's chosen language.

 # 10 Some things related to Blog Design

 Blog's content as well as its design also contribute a lot to Adsense Approval. There are some things to be noted for this - like all category names should be there, ease of running, page speed should be good or open quickly.

 # 11 You must be 18 years or older

 Adsense is not intended for people under 18 years of age. Do not write your wrong age or date of birth while applying in Adsense by mistake. When you come to the right age, apply for Adsense Account.


 The application of Google Adsense is not so difficult to be approve if your website correctly maintains the points given in it, because Adsense wants to see these things in the website of every applying publisher.


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