It is very easy to become a blogger. All you need to do is to create a blog and publish content regularly. But, it is very difficult to become a successful blogger.

  Blogging requires dedication, smart decision, hard work and research.

  Many people start blogging to earn money but very few get success.

  Today in this article I will tell you how to become a successful blogger and earn money from it.

 So let's start…

 21 tips to become a successful blogger

 A successful blogger means a successful blog.  Here are some important tips to succeed in blogging below.

 1. Publish at least two blog posts in a week

 Visitors prefer blogs that publish regular content with new and unique ideas.

 If you are a part-time blogger, try to publish at least 2 blog posts a week.  But if you are a full-time blogger, then publish blog posts daily.

 Google gives more priority to blogs that publish regularly posts.  This increases both your ranking and blog reader.  So if you want Loyal readers, post regularly on your blog.

 2. Write Lengthy Content

 Brian Dean found in a research article with 1890 words or more words gets good rank in Google.

 Larger content ranks better in search engines than smaller content.  So always try to write detailed, high-quality, lengthy posts.

 But keep in mind one thing, do not write rubbish in it to increase the length of your content.  Because visitors will not like to come back to your blog after reading your content.

 3. Never stop learning

 You do not know everything about your Niche.  As time passes, every industry changes and grows.  So you should never stop learning.

 Also, you can read blogs with other niches so that you can learn something new.  It helps you to get knowledge from other blogs.

 4. Treat Your Blog Like Business

 You can see all the pro-bloggers, they consider their blog as Busines.  This is why he is such a successful blogger today.

 If you are blogging for hobby or fun, you will never succeed in blogging.  The reason you won't take blogging seriously.

 5. Collect Email for Newsletter

 You can collect email from visitors and after publishing a new post, send them a newsletter.  It is the most effective strategy in blogging.  This helps the visitor to become your blog reader.

 Therefore, use the opt-in form on your blog to collect email and ask visitors to subscribe to the blog.

 6. Improve the user experience

 If your blog's user experience is poor, then visitors won't stay on your blog for long.  So make sure that users can navigate your blog easily.

 Also, make your blog mobile responsive.  Because mobile search has completely dominated desktop search.

 To check if your blog is mobile-friendly, you can use Mobile Testing Tool developed by Google.  If your blog is not mobile friendly, then you need to install a Responsive WordPress theme on your blog.

 7. Solve the problem of your readers

 Trust me, it is very effective.  Bloggers who solve a visitor's problem get success very soon.

 Suppose you go to a blog or YouTube channel and ask for help with a problem, but they do not reply to you!  So will you visit their blog or channel again?

 Your answer will be - No!

 If you want to be a successful blogger, then reply to the comments of the visitor and solve their problem.

 Also, if you get a lot of comments on your post, Google will consider your post as helpful and will rank better in search results.

 But avoid spam comments, it is used exclusively to get backlinks.  If someone submits Spam comments to your post, delete them.  Otherwise, they can hurt your ranking.

 Here I have made a list of some Best WordPress Antispam Plugins which will help in handling Spam comments on your blog.

 8. Choose the correct Blogging Platform

 If you want to become a successful blogger, choosing the right blogging platform is very important.  There are many paid and free blogging platforms available.

 I would recommend you to start a blog from, but do not choose  This is completely different from

 To start a blog on, you will need a domain name and web hosting.

 9. Buy Good Web Hosting

 Incorrect hosting can ruin your blogging career.  The biggest reason is, your blog will be in downtime most of the time and load too slow.

 Therefore, always buy hosting from a Trusted hosting company.  There are many web hosting companies in the market that promise to be the best, but after purchasing hosting from them, you will feel that they have cheated you.

 Here I have made a list of some Best Web Hosting Companies that you can use.

 10. Fix Your Blog's Loading Speed

 Do you know that Loading Speed ​​can hinder your success?

 Yes!  You heard right  Slow loading can ruin any blog!

 If your blog is very slow loaded, then your blog will not rank well in SERPs.  Because Speed ​​is a very important Google ranking factor.  Also, visitors do not like to visit the Slow loading website or blog.

 Therefore, Loading Speed ​​matters a lot for the success of your blog.  Here is a guide - WordPress Blog Ki Loading Speed ​​Kaise Badhaye 18 Tarike

 Here are quick tips to improve website loading speed

  •  Upgrade to PHP 7.2
  •  Optimize Your Image Size
  •  Keep only useful plugins
  •  Delete Unwanted Media
  •  Minify CSS and JS Files
  •  Use good Cache plugin
  •  Minimize redirects
  •  Use the Lightweight theme.
  •  Use a CDN.
  •  Use a good web host.

 11. Use High-Quality Images in Content

 An image is equal to a thousand words.  But the image should be related to high-quality and your content.  It makes your content more engaging and engaging.

 Also, use the correct name and alt tag for your images, it helps you to get better rank in image search.

 When you upload images to your content, you can easily add alt tag to your image.  You can see it in the screenshot below.

 But keep in mind one thing, you cannot use Google Images.  They can be copyright protected.  You can download images for your blog from free stock image sites like FreeDigitalPhotos, MorgueFile, Pixabay, Pexels.

 12. Use Contact Form on your blog

 Use the Contact Form on your blog so that users can contact you easily.  For this, create a Contact us page on your blog.

 There are many contact form plugins available for WordPress.  But I would recommend you to use WPForms or Contact Form 7.

 13. Do Keyword Research

 Keyword Research is the most important part of SEO.

 If you regularly publish unique and useful articles on your blog, but do not do Keyword Research, then your blog will not be able to rank in SERPs.  And you will never be able to achieve success in blogging.

 There are many tools and websites that can help you find good keywords.  Here is a guide - Keyword research in hindi

 14. Invest Money

 Spend some money for your blog promotion.  Almost Newbie and Average bloggers don't like to spend money on their blog.  They find free ways to promote their blog.

 To be a successful blogger, treat your blog like a business and crunch money for promotion.  This helps a lot in increasing your blog awareness.

 15. Promote your content on Social Media Sites

 Today every user is associated with social media sites and spends his valuable time on them.  So after publishing your post, share it on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest etc.  These platforms can help in getting traffic to your blog.

 16. Create High-Quality Backlinks

 Backlinks can drastically change your site's ranking.  This helps in increasing the domain authority, traffic, and ranking of your site.  But your backlinks must be of high-quality.

 Bad / spammy / buying / low-quality backlinks can do a lot of damage to your website's ranking.

 100 High-Quality Backlinks equals one thousand low-quality backlinks.

 17. Quality of Content

 There is a saying - CONTENT IS KING

 This is the most important step to become a successful blogger.  If your content is not engaging and useful and is not able to solve the visitor's problem, they will never come back to your blog.

 Google gives high priority to quality content and ranks well in search results.  However, when Google ranks content, it uses a variety of ranking factors.  But the quality of the content is still very important.

 Always publish quality and informative content on your blog.

 18. Make Blogging Your Passion

 This is the final tip but one of the most important tips.  Without passion, you cannot become a successful blogger.

 Many blogs get parked after a year and many bloggers do not renew their blogs?  The answer - due to lack of Passion and motivation.

 If you consider blogging to be a passion, then you can become a successful blogger.

 19. Improve Your Writing Skills

 Writing Skills is the best weapon to become a successful blogger.

 If your writing skill is very good, then you can easily become a successful blogger.  However, I am not talking about writing like an Expert.

 Also, pay attention to spelling.  This improves the quality of your content.

 20. Target the right visitors

 If you get the wrong visitors, you can never succeed in blogging. The reason is that they will come to your blog and get exhausted without reading the content. As a result, your Bounce rate will increase.

 Many people believe that the Bounce rate is a Google ranking factor. This tells Google about your site's quality and user engagement. Here is a guide - Bounce Rate Kam Kaise Kare

 Therefore, it is very important to target the right visitors.

 21. Create a Team

 If you want to master blogging, then you have to work by making a team. You must have seen many sites, which have many writers and how much those sites are updated.

 By using this strategy, you can do a lot in a short time. The team is made up of Expert and Professional.

 Conclusion :

 Blogging is one of the best ways to earn online. But very few bloggers find success. Blogging requires hard work, research, smart strategies and patience.

 By following the strategy listed in this article, you can become successful in blogging in 2020 and become a successful blogger.

 But keep in mind one thing, the quality of the content is very important. If you use all these techniques but do not pay attention to the quality of the content, then all your efforts are useless. Your content will not rank in Google search results.

 You can share your thoughts in the comment section! Hope you like these important tips to get success in blogging… Do not forget to share the article!


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