How To Write A Blog For Beginners

Do you know How To Write A Blog For Beginners and why it is important for every blogger.  Yes, if this is your question and the answer to this question, if you are poaching here, then you have come to the right place.  If you do not know what SEO is, then you can read it by clicking on this link.

 Regardless of the good article you write, if you write a good heading, content, paragraph too with great effort.  However, your article appears on page 5-6 in google search.  What can be a bad news for a blogger.  To make this news good news, you have to write SEO friendly article.  If your article appears in the first page in google search, if this happens, then the traffic of your site will increase significantly.

 Increasing traffic is not the work of any children.  If you are a blogger then you must have understood what are the benefits of having more traffic.  So there is nothing to be sad, let's know How To Write A Blog For Beginners? 

 How To Write A Blog For Beginners?

 SEO's full name is Search Engine Optimization.  You are writing SEO friendly article, it means that you are telling Google that on which topic your article has been written.  Through this, you are optimizing the content for the search engine.  Which has many benefits, such as site traffic will increase.  On searching your article, you will come to the first page of google.  There will be more and more visitors.  Your site's rank will increase.  These are all its benefits.  Through this, the content that visitors want can be given to the google user.  Your income will also be rich.

 So you can follow all the tips given below and you will understand everything.

 1. Keyword Research

 The first question that may have come to your mind is what is this keyword.  There is no more Rocket Science.  Whatever Phrase and Sentence you search in Google is your keyword.  Like you search in google "How to earn money from Facebook".

 This is your keyword.  Now the next question comes, which keyword will be more correct.  For this you have to use tools like free tool from google.  Whose name is "Google Keyword Planner".  You can select a keyword in which competition can be low, you can quickly rank such a keyword.

 If you want, you can also give a keyword according to your own, just you can check the competition with Google Keyword Planner.  One important thing is to use long tail keyword.  The advantage of this is, in this you can also rank Short Tail Keyword well.

 Let us explain what is this long tail keyword and what is short tail keyword.  "TOP 10 best photo editing aaps in 2020" This is your long tail keyword.  But if you write photo editing aaps then it is short tail keyword.  But the short tail keyword also comes in the above keyword (TOP 10 best photo editing aaps in 2020).  I mean to use long tail keyword, short tail keyword will be automatically ranked.

 2. Keep keyword in Title

 According to the topic of your article, you have to choose your title.  And remember one thing that whatever your title is, it should be the keyword of your article.  Never make such a mistake that your focus keyword is "how to write Seo Friendly blog post" and you are writing something else.  So you wrote the same in the title of your post.  You must have understood this, let's learn more now

 3. Use the Keyword in your first paragraph

 You also have to pay attention to this thing that whenever you write an article, you must use the keyword in the first paragraph.  Which will be helpful for SEO.  If you are writing an article in which the name is "SEO", then you have to take it according to the keyword.  I mean "what is SEO" written anywhere in Paragraph.  But keep in mind one thing that your keyword should be written in a natural way.  Do not write keyword repeatedly, it is against Google's guide lines.  This is also called keyword stuffing.

 4. Use Image Alt Tag

 No search engine can read the image.  Rather you have to tell the search engine that you have used the image and to whom the image is related.  You must enter the name of the image in the alt tag.  Like if Seo has an image, then you have to write SEO in alt tag.  This search engine knows what the image is about.  Use Keyword in alt tag so that your article will be optimized.

 You can also use the plugin named Seo Friendly Image.  One more thing to compress the image, this will reduce page load time.  Whenever someone searches google image, your image can also appear there.

 5. Use Heading and Subheading (H2 and H3 Tag)

 Using Heading and Subheading is itself an SEO.  Always remember that visitors from Heading know what is actually written inside.

 By the way, Heading and Subheading means you have to use which keyword in H2 and H3 tag.  But remember that you do not write the same word as Exact, which should be a little change and then write it.  For example, take an example of "how to write an article" instead you can also write "how to write an article well".  You can also write it in H2 tag and you can also write it in H3.

 6. Bold the Important and Related Keyword

 You can do this work even after writing the post.  This is also a good way to write seo friendly topic.  In this, all you need is dim and bold related keywords.  This will make the search engine easier to focus on the keyword.  (This does not mean that you will make everyone bold).  This method also makes it easy for visitors to find content in the article.

 7. 1 to 2 Italic keyword

 Make you few words mean 1 to 2 focus keywords to italics.  This will also make a difference in your article.  Always remember one thing that you do not write a word or sentence repeatedly for ranking, or even the user will find your article boring.

 8. Outbound Link To High Quality Sites

 You must have seen some very big sites.  Sites whose CPC, Rank, Page-rank are also high.  Link those sites to your page.  If you are writing an article called "What is Blogging", then in this you can link 'Blogging' Sabbad with some other site.  You can give a link to a URL with Blogging Sabbath and that link can also be from Wikipedia site.  Whenever someone clicks on Blogging Sabbath, they will redirect to WIKIPEDIA Page.

 There are many sites like Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, these are all high quality sites.  With all these, you can link some words of your site.  Google considers it very important.  You can also watch the video to understand it better.

 9. Internal Links to Related Article

 If you have seen the video, then you must understand what I want to explain.  Internal Links to Related Article This means, in the middle of your article, give a link to another post.  If you have written about the quality article in your article, then you can give a link to the post "What is SEO" in the middle, that will also be your written post.  Will it be the engagement of your site?  Visitors will keep reading the other posts of your site.  The bounce rate will also remain intact.  This was some information about internal link.

 10. Write High Quality Content

 Use SEO, Keyword as much as you want, but if you do not write for the user then there is no use.  I mean you always write Quality content means Relevant content, User readable content, Write complete content.  You write that after reading the user, think that I have got what I want.  You also pay attention to article length.  Write an article of 700 words.  When you write quality content, then you should forget about SEO, just everything should come out of the heart. This is what Google likes.

 11. Blog URL

 Blog URL is very important to optimize the article to Search Engine.  Provide a URL that contains only the Keyword.  What is your keyword Google.  Take an example  This is the best example blog URL should be something like this.  Other URLs like are not that special either. What? 11% p This is also not the correct URL.

 12. Use Meta Description

 In Meta Description you have to summarize the whole article.  Whenever you publish a post, first of all you should see the Meta Description.  In this, you have to use those keywords which you have used in the heading, title description, subheading of your post.  This tells Google what your post has been written about.  This makes Google easy to search as well.  This description should be about 140-150 words.  You should never copy Meta Description.  We should always use the related keyword.  In Word, write the Meta Description under the head tag.

FAQ Related To How To Write A Blog For Beginners :

 Is blogging easy?

Yes, of course, Blogging is easy for those people who are passionate and follow their passion. If you also have a better knowledge about anything, you can create a blog and write about that particular topic or niche in your blog. However, competition is very high in Blogging.

How do bloggers get paid?

Well, there are many methods or ways through which bloggers get paid. But the two main ways through which Bloggers earn with their blogs are through Ad Networks and Affiliate Marketing.

Can blogging make you rich?

Yes, of course, there are many bloggers who earn thousands of dollars per month. But it totally depends upon your work and the growth of your blog.


 So friends, today's information is very important for every BLOGGER.  In which information about How To Write A Blog For Beginners?.  If you are a blogger and want to grow up and come in the list of some big bloggers, then try using all the tips given above.  You always remember that you are writing for the user and not for the money.  I have a saying "Don't write article for Google, write article for user"

So, if you have any type of query regarding How To Write A Blog For Beginners? or Blogging so comment down below.

Happy Blogging!



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