Hello friends, how do you hope you have got a lot to learn from all the posts so far. Today we will talk about a way of marketing which is very old, but today is very much in Demand. "Affiliate Marketing"

 First of all, we know what is Affiliate Link?

 An Affiliate link is a link in which the ID or Username of the Affiliate is hidden using the Advertiser Affiliate Link in the Affiliate Program to check how much traffic and how much business has been received from a Specific Affiliate Link.

 What is an Affiliate Marketing Program?

 Affiliate Marketing Program is a very old way of marketing, but you must have seen this simple method or you may have done it, I will explain you with an example.

 Have you ever had paint or electric work in your house? If yes, then your mechanic takes you to a shop from where you purchase all the goods, the shopkeeper gave your goods with money, but how do you reach the shopkeeper through the mechanic, then his commission is also formed. After you leave, the shopkeeper gives the commission to the mechanic.

 Now you might have understood what Affiliate Marketing is, watch this video to understand Affiliate Marketing better.

 This means to say that in the Internet world, if a person recommends a product or company from any of its sources, then the company gives that band in the form of some Amount Commission. Some percentage is. Or there may be some Fix Amount. This kind of marketing is called Affiliate Marketing. "

 How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

 Like I explained to you in the example above. You must have understood from that too, but if not, I will give you another example, hope that this must have happened to you.

 Sometimes you take off from the train at night at an unfamiliar railway station, some people say to you, sir, you will get the hotel and you need it too or the Rickshaw person tells you, Sir, you want the hotel, you are also tired and think, let's rest in the hotel Go

 When you reach the hotel, the person with Rickshaw or the person who asked you is with you.

 You booked the hotel room. But the hotel got through the customer that Rickshaw Wale

 So let's understand how did Affiliate Marketing work?

  •  Here the Hotel has a Product Room.
  •  Rickshaw is Affiliate Marketer.
  •  The Hotel Wala gives the Rickshawman a place to sleep at night. Have a Shelter outside or near the hotel.
  •  Giving this gold place became a fix income for the Rickshaw people.
  •  In this Fix Income, he helps the hotel, Sir this hotel is very good.
  •  When the customer brings the extra income means COMMISSION.

 Words used in Affiliate Marketing:

 Affiliates: Here is Affiliate Rickshaw. Because he joins the hotel and brings it to the customer.

 Affiliate ID: A special identity to identify which customer this affiliate has come through.

 Affiliate Link: There is a link in which the Username or User ID of the Affiliate is hidden with the help of which the Affiliate Program Offerer tracks the Lead and Business.

 Commission: The Sum Amount that is offered to the Affiliate by the company offering the Affiliate Program is some Percentage of SALE or Fix Amount already.

 Affiliate Manager: The person who gives suggestions to the Affiliates on behalf of the company is called Affiliate Manager.

 Link Clocking: In Affiliate Link, the Affiliate's Username or User ID is hidden as well as the Destination Website or Product Link, due to which the URL becomes very large. URL Shortness is used to shorten it. Shortening the URL of such a link is called Link Clocking.

 Affiliate Market Place: Companies that offer different Affiliate Program for different product or website, such companies are called Affiliate Market Place.

 Payment Mode: This means that in which mode the company offering the program will pay the Affiliates such as Bank Transfer, Paypal or any other mode.

 Payment Threshold: This is an Amount when the company releases your payment when your income becomes equal or more than the Threshold Amount.

 Some questions related to Affiliate Marketing that have been asked most on Forum and Social Media Website.

 Is Website Important for Affiliate Marketing?

 In this way, you can send a link to Facebook Page, Group, Google Plus page or WhatsApp to anyone, but if you have a website or blog, it will be better for you.

 Can you use Affiliate Marketing with Adsense or Other Network?

 Yes, you can use AFFILIATE MARKETING with absolutely any AD NETWORK.

 How much money can you earn from affiliate marketing?

 It completely depends on you, how much you want to earn, the more you promote the link, the more the sale will be generated and the more your INCOME will be.

 How to know which company offers Affiliate Program?

 It is very easy to find that with Simply Affiliate Word, search that company name in Google.

 List of companies that offer Affiliate Program

 How to start Affiliate Marketing?

  •  To start Affiliate Marketing you must have a blog or website.
  •  You should have jury information from Affiliate Marketing.


 So, friends, I hope that you must have understood what Affiliate Marketing is. If you still have a Confusion or Question, then you can ask by commenting in the Comment Box.

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