8 Ways To Increase Alexa Ranking

 Today in this article I will tell you how to do Alexa Rank Improvement of the website.

 Alexa Rank is the best way to check the popularity and Reputation of any website and it shows 99% accurate ranking.  It helps in checking the global rank, country rank, backlinks, page rank, bounce rate etc. of your website.

 Do you know that advertising companies deal with a website based on Alexa Rank?

 When a website's ranking is checked, its Alexa Ranking is first checked, then Domain Authority and other Ranking factors are checked.

 If you want to earn good money from your site, Alexa Ranking is very important because any company checks Alexa Ranking of your website before working with you.

 So if you want to earn good money from your blog or website, then increase Alexa ranking of your website.  Here I have shared some great ways to rapidly increase Alexa Ranking.  But first, we'll know what Alexa Ranking is.

 What is alexa ranking

 Alexa was developed by Amazon in 1996

 Like Google Analytics, there is a website analysis tool.  It helps in determining the ranking and popularity of your website.

 It also has an extension using which you can check your site's Global Rank, Country Rank, Backlinks, Page Rank, Bounce Rate.

 Alexa is considered to be a top company to check the ranking of Wesite.

 Some important features

  •  Alexa provides information about the website's traffic ranking.
  •  In which country is your website most popular?
  •  What is your site's rank in the whole world?
  •  What is your site's bounce rate?
  •  How many websites does your website link to?
  •  Where do visitors come from on your website?
  •  What is the loading speed of your website?

 Many pro bloggers believe that if your site's Alexa global rank is less than 100,000, then your website will be considered a successful website.

 A website with less than 100,000 rank is considered the top ranking website.

 Benefits of improving Alexa Ranking

  •  Visitors will consider your blog to be a Trusted blog and will visit your blog frequently.
  •  If Alexa Ranking would be good, then the advertising company can offer you for advertising.
  •  The value / reputation of your site increases in the blogosphere.
  •  Other Similar Blogs will support you.

 Every Alexa website uses to see the ranking of any website.

 Website Ki Alexa Rank Improve Kaise Kare

 You can do Alexa Rank Improvement of your website through paid traffic, but it is not right for Adsense users, this may suspend your Adsense account.  So here I will tell you how to increase Alexa Rank of Naturally Website.

 1. Write Quality content

 Quality content is the most important to increase Alexa Rank.  If you write Quality content on your blog, then readers will like to visit your blog.  This improves the bounce rate of your site and also iymproves your website ranking.

 Also, if your content is the best, then other bloggers will also link your content to your blog so that you will get backlinks easily.  And Alexa Ranking also depends on the number of backlinks.

 Never copy and paste content from other websites or blogs.  If you do this, your website will not be able to rank in Google and Alexa ranking also will not improve.

 2. Create High-Quality Backlinks

 Backlinks is a very old Google ranking factors.  This helps improve your website SEO and Google rankings.

 So if you want to improve Alexa Ranking quickly, you need to create high-quality backlinks for your blog.  If your site will have more backlinks, then your site will rank well in SERPs.  To get High-Quality Dofollow Backlinks, write a guest post on the High-Quality Blog.

 But keep in mind one thing, don't create backlinks from spammy website otherwise, Google can Penalty your site.

 10 high-quality backlinks equals 100 low quality backlinks.

 3. Make regular updates

 On the Internet, you will find millions of websites and blogs that publish content daily.  In such a situation, if you do not publish daily articles on your blog or website, then you will be left behind by those blogs.

 If you want to make your blog a successful blog and improve Alexa ranking, then I would advise you to publish content daily on your blog.  This will help improve Alexa ranking of your site as well as increase the number of readers on your website.

 4. Share content on Social Media Sites

 You can easily get good traffic and improve Alexa ranking by sharing your content on social media sites as millions of accounts are created on social networking sites every day and new people join social networks every day.

 If your website traffic increases, your site's Google ranking and Alexa ranking will both increase automatically.  So after publishing the post, do not forget to share it on the social media site.

 5. Submit your website to Alexa

 When you submit your site to Alexa, it can easily find out about your website description, content and owner.  After adding your site to Alexa, be sure to add your site description.  This greatly helps in improving your Alexa ranking.

 6. Add Alexa Widget to Your Site

 When you add Alexa Widget to your blog or website, this strategy can also go a long way in boosting Alexa Ranking of your site.

 Add Alexa Widget to the footer of your site so that visitors have no problem reading the article.

 7. Add Alexa Toolbar

 You can easily improve the Alexa Ranking of your site by adding Alexa Toolbar (Alexa extension).  It tracks every activity on your site and sends it to the Alexa server which helps improve your site's Alexa Rank.  You can download it from Alexa website.

 8. Fasten your website

 Website loading speed is a very important factor to improve Alexa ranking and website ranking.  This greatly affects the search engine ranking and traffic because Google gives more importance to fast loading websites.  Fast loading website gets better rank in Google search result.

 If your website traffic increases, Alexa rank will automatically increase.

 These are some of the best tips that can help improve your Alexa ranking.  If you have any questions or suggestions, comment below!

 If this article has proved helpful to you, then don't forget to share it!

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