7+ Profitable Blogging Niche

Nowday friends, have you ever wondered why 90% of bloggers fail in their Blogging Career?  Because they have not chosen Niche or Topic (whatever you say) of their blogging well.  Looked at a successful blogger, saw his earnings and made a blog related to his Niche, and could not work, because he does not have interest on that Niche or maybe it works but many  His blog does not succeed due to the choice of High Competition Keyword / Niche.

  Today I have brought you some 7+ such blogging Niches, so that you will be able to start a new blog in 2020 with just one of these Niche.  Nowadays there is so much competition in the blogging industry that if you pick up any Niche, then there will be so much competition, but the new blogger will not get rank on Google SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) soon, so today what I have told Niches,


  If you catch one of those niche, then you will be able to rank your blog on Google SERP within 6 months to 1 year and within 1 year you will be able to generate a good income.


 If you also want to make a blog on one of your most profitable blogging Niche, then they can read further about 7+ Blogging Niche -

 Best Profitable Blogging Niche -

 #No 1: - Beauty Tips

 Nowadays people are so alert to look beautiful.  Everybody is doing this search on the internet, Google means - how to get spotless glowing skin, something like that.  Especially girls.  Daily millions and millions of people search on Google and they also get help, because someone has already published and written about that particular Niche.


  However, if you also write a post on that Niche in a different way, meaning a special information, then people will also read your blog.  Because people want a good information.


  So if you write an article on your blog above Beauty Niche, it means that you do not publish such content and publish the content with very simple and real information and if you work daily on this Niche, then you should see its result within a year.  And if you only approve Google Adsense, then you will be able to earn up to $ 200 in starting within a year.  After that, your earning will increase gradually.


  On YouTube you will find many videos related to it, you can take information for your article from there.

 #No 2: - Health Tips

  Nowadays people pay so much attention to their health that people keep watching some health tips on Youtube or Google and this can be a good Niche for you.


  If you catch Health Niche, then in this you also tell about some such 5 very high disease, then your blog will rank on Google SERP within 6 months.



  •   Can you tell about cancer?
  •   Can you tell about diabetes?
  •   You can tell about blood pressure.
  •   Can you tell about heart disease?
  •   Can tell about Skin Disease.
  •   Can tell about joint pain.
  •   Can tell about acupressure, acupuncture, cupping and Chiropractic.
  •   Can tell about Homeopathy, Ayurvedic or Herbal medicine.
  •   Can you tell about Massage?
  •   You can talk about childcare.
  •   You can tell about women health.


  You can see a video about it on YouTube.  Nowadays, many doctor people make videos and keep talking about it.  So you can also write their words in text format in your own style, right!


  I have a friend who works on this Particular Niche. He has 2 Blogs and he told me that he had started earning his $ 500 Monthly Revenue within a year.

 #No 3: - Fitness Tips

 Just like people want to know about Health, similarly people also want to know about Fitness.  If you can tell people how to get fit, then think about how many people will come to you.  Before you tell tips, you have to keep yourself fit.  Otherwise one day people came to know that they themselves are not fit… .. Tell us the tips for fitness.  So your blog will never be able to grow.


  So you can tell fitness tips.



  •   how to gain weight
  •   Or how to do weight loss.
  •   Yoga Tips can tell.
  •   Can tell about Daily Nutritious Food.
  •   Can tell about Daily Exercise.
  •   One can tell about Balanced diet, Keto Diet and Guts Diet.
  •   Can tell about Anti-aging Cream.
  •   Can tell about home-based gym equipment.


  What I mentioned above is that a friend of mine works on health, so he tells Health and Fitness Tips together on his blog.  So can you.  Meaning Combine both and create a blog.


 #No 4: - Jobs and Career

 Friends, you can see some websites that work on this Niche.  Such as;  In the current time, 2.1 crore people come to see that blog in a month.  If there are only 2 lakhs people who click on Google Adsense's ad in a month, then if they get an average of $ 0.5 CPC (Cost per Click), then they are getting 1 lakh Dollar Monthly, and 1 lakh dollars means the current time.  But Indian Rupees has 75,53,500.  And this is just a small predict of that website.  And they would have clicked more than that.


 So when you start your blog / website, you will not have that much earning, but if you get 200 or even 300 dollars first, then this is less for beginner blogger!  So all you have to do is analyze that website well how is he writing the article and what is he doing daily and you can either buy a hosting and domain name or just buy a domain name and a blog on Blogger Platform  make.

 And by writing a Detail Article of the government which continues to get jobs, publish daily and keep working with Consistency.


  After that, keep promoting your blog slowly and your blog will start making a profit.


  But you have to pay attention to this, do not copy anyone, because Google knows everything from which website you are copying and your blog will never rank from it.  And keep working daily.

 #No 5: - Relationship and Dating

 If you will be able to work on it, then your blog will be ranked on Google SERP within 6 months because this Niche is very low competition.  For this, you can watch the video of Youtube and take some ideas from there and there you will also get the video to write an article.  And if you can do a good job in it, then you will get a lot of traffic in it and even after a lot of hard work, you will be able to create a profitable blog.  As compared to the rest of the Niche, this Niche is a very low competition topic.  Because very few people are working on it.


 #No 6: - Arts and Culture

  This is a less competitive Niche than Niche Relationship and Dating as only a few people are working on it.  Traffic is also very high.  So its related video you can see on Youtube what to do and how to do it.

 #No 7: - Upcoming Gadgets or Smartphones

 This is a Keyword with a moderate competition, if you work on this Niche, then you will need to work harder here than the rest of the Niche.  And it is not that you will get more results because if you work hard, you will get more results.  And it is not that much work means writing articles throughout the day.  More hard work means more brains, in simple words, Smartwork.  So what you have to do is to promote as many articles as you have published.  Whatever it is Paid or Free Promotion.  And backlink will also have to be made from the blog related to this topic.

 If you have a blog related to this topic like phonearena, 91mobiles, gadget360, website already ranks first on Google SERP, then you should analyze that blog properly and then create a blog by applying a unique idea.


  You do not make a Mobile Review because Rank will not be on Google SERP.  All you have to do is to visit all the websites of China and outside of the Upcoming Smartphone only on daily basis and as soon as there are some official announcements there, you can update the Upcoming Gadgets or Smartphones on your blog too.

 And you can also use Youtube's videos to write articles, many Youtubers keep telling about Upcoming Gadgets or Smartphones.


  So the Youtubers who tell you there, you can write them in your own language in the form of text.


  •   You can tell about Upcoming Gaming Console.
  •   You can tell about Upcoming Graphics Card.
  •   You can tell about Upcoming Laptops or Desktop.
  •   You can talk about Upcoming Headphones or Earphones or Earbuds.


 So friends, how did you feel about our blogging today, Niche or Topic, in the comment below, and if you want to ask anything, you can ask in the comment and you must also tell below which of these Niche / Topic your blog  will build.


  Do share this article with all your friends who are thinking or planning to create their own blog.


 Thank you for your valuable time,


 Wish You All The Very Best.


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