How To Increase Google Adsense CPC

How To Increase Google Adsense CPC : Due to very low CPC rate in India, people get upset, and think how their CPC rate should increase.  So that he can make maximum income from adsense.  We all know that to earn money from blog, Adsense is the best option.  Why adsense gives us money to click on ads.  But due to very low CPC in India, Indian bloggers are not able to make good income from adsense.  But if you want, you can earn more money from adsense by increasing adsense's CPC.  Which I am going to tell you in this post, how to increase the CPC of Google Adsense.

 By making Google Adsense ads on your site, earning money is very easy.  But how much money you get for a click on adsense ads.  It totally depends on your CPC.  Because CPC has a very big role in this.  I have also seen some people, due to good cpc on low traffic, they are making good income from adsense.  So in the same way, despite some bloggers having good traffic, they are not able to earn good income.

 If your CPC is less than $ 0.01 to $ 0.05.  So this CPC rate is very low for you. There can be many reasons behind this.  Which I will tell you in full detail in this post.  Then let's start and know some important tips and tricks that will help you to increase the CPC of adsense.

 What is Adsense CPC?

 CPC simply means "Cost Per Click".  That is, how many clicks do you get, how much money you get or how much you get per click.  Suppose if you have a total of 4 clicks.  Which got $ 0.15 on one click and $ 1 on the remaining 3 clicks.  So your CPC will be ($ 0.15 + $ 1.00) / 4 = $ 0.28.

 I hope now you have understood, one day's total income has to be run away from the total clicks of that day.  Means (total earning) / total click = CPC).  Adsense's CPC depends on whether AdSense eCPM (Effective Cost Per Mile) and CTR (Click Through Rate) are low or high.

 Why Adsense CPC is low in India?

 This question must have come in your mind too, why the adsense CPC rate is low in India.  So I tell you, people in India still do not believe much on things like online.  Online shoping is a live example of this.  Because online shoping in India is much less compared to USA or Canada.  Therefore, whoever is the advertisers, they believe more in the display content only.  Because they know if a person is clcik on their ads.  So it is not necessary that he is clicking to purchase.  They know that after clcik on the ads, they will see the ads or compare the price and purchase from somewhere else.

 The second biggest reason is that the people of India need everything for free.  Meaning they try to get anything without spending any money.  That is why they do not like the sale to be done online nor do they want to buy.  Someone does not make any online purchase just for this.  Because they believe that the goods purchased online are not good.  And those who buy online also, they need at least equal in rate.  This is the reason that there are as many online advertisements in India.  They do not want to spend too much money.  The effect of which is clearly visible on our adsense cpc.

 How to increase Google Adsense CPC?

 Adsense CPC depends on the content of our blog, viewes time, ads placement, ads format, page rpm and much more.  If you want to make a good income from your adsense blog.  So follow the steps given below.  So that your AdSense CPC can improve.

 1. Use High CPC Keywords

 If you want to earn good money from your adsense blog.  So you should write a post on high cpc keywords for your blog.  And should also use high cpc keywords in the post.  You will get two benefits from this, first if you search a high cpc keyword and come to your blog.  So the organic traffic of your blog will increase and another benefit will be that if that visitor clicks on any of your ads.  So you will get cpc of that keywords.  Meaning you will get good income.  You can use google keyword planner to get high cpc keywords.

 If you use chrome or mozila browser in your computer.  So you must add keyword anywhere extension to your browser.  Why after adding this extension in the browser.  When you search for anything, the keyword anywhere extension will start showing you the search volume, cpc and keyword difficulty of that keyword.  With which you will get help in searching high cpc keywords.  And by using those keywords, you can increase your adsense cpc.

 2. Enable Image and Text Ads

 When placing adsense ads on your blog or website.  One thing must be noted that your ads formate image and text are in ads formate.  Why adsense also recommend to enable this formate.  And by doing this, the cpc of your adsense will definitely increase.

 3. Show Ads First

 You should first show ads on your post or home page.  Because by doing this, ads in page loading show first of all.  And visitors will also first see that ads.  Keep your site fast loading as far as possible.  Because the chances of clicks on the fast loading website are high.

 4. Use Custom Search Bar Widget

 This is a very good way to increase cpc, for this you must add Custom Search Bar Widget to the sidebar of your blog.  So that any of your visitors search your post.  So, he should use this widget so that the search traffic of your blog can increase.  Because whatever they will search on our site.  It will be similar to searching on Google.  With this you will definitely get benefit in increasing cpc.

 5. Block Sensitive Adsense Ads

 Sensitive ads of Google Adsense, such as gambling, religion, black magic, casino etc.  Which is of low cpc.  You can also block those ads by logging into your adsense account.  For this you go to My ads >> Allow & Block ads in your adsense account.  There you will find sensitive ads in sub categories in the category section, block it.

 6. Target the country

 Which country's audience are you targeting?  It also depends a lot on adsense cpc.  If you are targeting an Indian audience.  So obviously, your CPC will be lower.  Why, as I told you, the Indian audience which has the potential to spend money online.  That is very low, but if you target the European audience.  Then you will get more cpc.

 Hopefully guys, this trick told by me, "How to increase Google Adsense's CPC".  You will definitely be useful and now you will be able to increase your adsense cpc.  If you also have some suggestions to increase adsense cpc or want to tell something, then do comment by commenting.


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 Friends, just for today, this is what I will say while walking.  Take care of yourself and your family.  Thank you.


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