Make Money Online Without Investment.  In today's era, everyone has a Smartphone and everyone is using the Internet.  But do you know that we can earn money through internet also?  If you read this post carefully then you can make money easily from Make Money Online.  There are many ways to earn money online.  Some actually give money and some don't.  Here we will know about the top 6 Ways from Online Make Money Without Investment , today we will know some ways with which we can earn money from the internet.

 Make Money Online Without Investment (Top 6 Ways)

 There are many ways to earn money from online internet sitting at home.  But here you have introduced the information to income without spending money.  Whichever method you like.  You can earn money in that way.  But here, information about Money Earning of Investment is given.  Which is told by filtering the best.

 1.Online Survey

Make Money Online Without Investment

Online survey is a way in which we can earn money by watching the advertisement or completing the survey.  Online survey means that you will be asked some questions on it, you will have to answer it, your answers should be perfectly reasonable and good.  There is some criticism that wants to get some feedback from the people, so that is why they give you money in the form of online survey, just you have to give your correct feedback to them.  If you search about it on Google, you will get to see a lot of websites but we cannot trust them because it can also be a fraud but I will tell you an APP that Google has created itself and as we know it.  That we can easily trust all of Google's products.

 Google Opinion Rewards -: This is an Android application made by Google and this application gives you money to participate in online survey.  Just you have to install this app and after opening the app you have to complete the survey which will appear in front of you.  If you complete the survey properly, then you will get money according to that survey.  There will be only 1-2 minutes survey.

 Google UserResearch -: This is also Google's product.  The only difference is that you will have to take part in a very large survey in it.  Which can be from 30 minutes to 1 or 2 hours.  But you will also get very good reward for it.  That means $ 50, $ 75, $ 100 gift cards, thus you will get reward.  All you have to do is open Google UserResearch from the link given below.  And to sign up and participate in the survey.

 2. PTC Sites (Earn Money Online Without Investment)

Make Money Online Without Investment

 PTC means Paid to Click.  In this, you will earn money by looking at the advertisement.  From here you will not earn much but yes you will be able to earn some limit.  There is not only advertisement in such sites, but you can earn money by completing some tasks or playing games.  There is a rule in PTC websites that you can use only one account in Ek Device, if you open another account, then maybe both of your accounts may get blocked.  Just like if you earn some money, you can Withdraw those money through Paypal or Payza.  But every website has different withdrawal amount.

  •  Neobux
  •  ClickSense
  •  Prizerebel
  •  BuxP
  •  PaidVerts

 These are some good PTC websites that you can trust completely.

 Online Make Money Without Investment

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 3. Captcha Solver

Make Money Online Without Investment

 If you use internet a lot.  Then you will know the Captcha Code which is used for verification.  But do you know that you can earn money from its help too?  If you can type in English, then you too can earn money from captcha code and one thing you need to know is whether the website you want to earn money from is the captcha code website available in your country or not.  The code that you will be asked to type is to be typed within 10-15 seconds, but some websites do not have a time limit.

  •  Mega typers
  •  2 Captcha
  •  Pro typers
  •  KolotiBablo
  •  Captcha typers

 This is some good website.  Where you can earn money by solving captcha.

 4. Freelancing

Make Money Online Without Investment

 When you work in a company, then that company gives you salary every month according to your work.  Freelancing is what you can do for a company.  You will have to do it sitting at home, but remember that you should have some skills in which you are a very good expert. Example -: Web Designing, Graphics Designing or Any Creative Work.  There are many people who are looking for Freelancer.  I will tell some such websites where you can do the work of freelancing by creating your profile.  These websites where a lot of people have to do a lot of their work and those people are looking for people who have the skills to do that work.

 If money is to be seen.  Then you will be able to earn so much money.  More than you would have ever thought.  You just need to work properly.  It may be that it takes more time to get the first order.  But once you start getting orders.  So just understand that you are going to earn a lot of money.  Because the websites I have mentioned.  You are given money for every work on them.

 5. YouTube (Best Make Money Online Without Investment)

Make Money Online Without Investment

 Another work for Make Money Online Without Investment is Youtube.  YouTube is the world's largest video platform.  If there is anyone after Google, then it is YouTube.  If seen, we can make money by creating our channel on YouTube.  But it is not so easy.  To earn money from YouTube, you must have some skill or knowledge of something.  Because you can earn money by uploading your videos on Youtube.  If you have good content in your videos, then people will like to watch and according to the number of people you see, you will earn money.

 6. Affiliate Marketing

Make Money Online Without Investment

 Affiliate Marketing is also a way to earn money.  With which you can earn money by selling someone's products.  Many websites like Flipkart, Amazon have their Affiliate Marketing Programmes.  In which you have to go and sign up and you have to sell their products through social media.  You will be given a link to that product.  If someone will buy the product from that link.  So you will get commision accordingly.  If you have a website or blog.  So you will be very easy to do affiliate marketing.  You can sell products with the help of your website or blog.

 A lot of people are earning lakhs of rupees just from Affiliate Marketing.  If you also want to earn good money from Affiliate Marketing.  For that, one must first find such a website.  In which Affiliate Marketing Plan is just starting.  And their commision rate is also good.  After signing up, you have to send the link of any one of the product offers to your friends on social media.  The more you can do, the more you have to send on social media.  If you have a blog  So write information about that product and add a link to that product below.  So in this way you can earn money from Affiliate Marketing.


 So friends, today we saw some ways by which we can earn Make Money Online without investment money.  Hope you like this post.  If you have questions about this post or want to tell your experience, then you can tell us by commenting below.

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