How To Watch IPL 2021 For Free On Your Mobile Phone ?
How To Watch IPL 2021 For Free On Your Mobile Phone ?

 Let's know today How to watch IPL 2021 Match Online Free Like every year, IPL 2021 has started this year.  Talking about India, cricket has a lot of popularity here and ever since the Indian Premier League started, cricket has become more popular in India.  In the IPL, which started in 2008, many records have been made so far.  As such the Premier League has become the most watched cricket league in the world.  Last year, crores of people had seen this league and this figure is increasing every year.

 The Cricket League IPL , which is held every year in India, costs crores of rupees.  This benefits both the BCCI and the players playing in the league.  This is the reason why almost all cricket players from abroad want to play in the IPL because cricketers earn crores from this league.

 Not everyone can subscribe to the HOTSTAR or PREMIUM LIVE STREAMING APP for IPL, but if you want to watch ipl and don't have DISNEY + HOTSTAR's PRIME MEMBERSHIP like DISNEY + HOTSTAR VIP, don't worry.  Here we are going to tell you about some such LIVE STREAMING APPS where you will be able to enjoy IPL LIVE completely for free.  So to know how to free IPL dekhe live without HOTSTAR OR DISNEY, you read this article completely.

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 IPL 2021 to watch FREE APPS


 Here OREO TV LIVE STREAMING APP can be a better option for you to watch IPL live.  You can watch all STAR Channels LIVE on OREO TV, apart from this, IPL GLOBAL CHANNELS 24 × 7 is the new feature of this APP. You can also watch Sony LIVE here for absolutely free.  Here you can also watch LIVE TV without any interruptions, you will get to see 1100+ channels on this LIVE STREAMING APP and along with all the features of DISNEY + HOTSTAR PRIME SUBSCRIPTION you are going to get it in OREO TV.

 You will not find OREO LIVE STREAMING APP on GOOGLE PLAY STORE because this app does not follow Google's policies in a way, but you can download this app from OFFICIAL WEBSITE of OREO TV.  This APP is a completely TRUSTED APP, you can download it by clicking on the DOWNLOAD given below and enjoy this time of IPL for free.



 Like OREO TV LIVE STREAMING APP, THOP TV is also a better option. This time, many people are enjoying thop TV cricket live to watch IPL.  You can also watch IPL 2020 LIVE on THOP TV for absolutely free.  Here you will get to see lots of LIVE SPORTS CHANNELS FREE from where you can enjoy IPL 2020 in full.  Like OREO TV, you will not find this app in GOOGLE's PLAY STORE, but you can download it from any APK DOWNLOADING WEBSITE.



 If you do not like the option of OREO TV and THOP TV, then you can go to VIDEO BUDDY LIVE STREAMING APP here you will get all SPORTS LIVE STREAMING CHANNELS FREE.  If you want to watch more TV SHOWS, MOVIES, DRAMAS other than IPL, then this is absolutely right for you.

 You can download the VIDEO BUSSY LIVE STREAMING APP from their OFFICIAL WEBSITE and enjoy the IPL to its fullest.


 Cricbuzz and Cricinfo

 If you do not have a smartphone and you want to watch IPL 2020 on a mobile with a keypad, then you can go to google and search for Cricbuzz or Cricinfo directly. Apart from this you can also search by writing ipl live score.  By clicking on the site which will come at the top, you can see the match that is going live, in this you can see the scoreboard of any cricket match live, not only of IPL 2020.

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 PREMIUM APPS to watch IPL 2021:

 By the way, there are two main ways to watch IPL, first in which you can go to the stadium and watch, while in the second way you can watch TV sitting in your house or online in your mobile PC.  Almost everyone knows how to watch cricket on TV, but when it comes to online, many people do not know about it.

 As we have already told you that there are two main ways to watch live cricket, first stadium and second on TV.  We have been watching Live Cricket Match in television for many years, but the Internet has developed a lot in the last few years.  Now we can also watch cricket through internet.  There have been many apps and websites showing online cricket in the Internet, on which we can watch matches for free.  Here we are going to tell you about some such apps and websites.

 1. Hotstar

 If you are an internet user then you must have heard about Hotstar.  In this you can not only watch Live Match but can also watch movies, TV shows etc.  It has become the number 1 popular company in India in terms of streaming matches online.  In this, apart from IPL, you can also watch international matches.

 How to watch Live Cricket Match in PC

  •  First of all, visit Hotstar's official website
  •  Now select Sports >> Cricket in the top menu.
  •  Here you have to click on the match which will be live.
  •  Now Live Cricket Match will be started in front of you.

 How to watch Live IPL Match in Mobile

  •  First you download Hotstar App in your mobile.
  •  After that open the Hotstar app.
  •  Now choose Sports >> Cricket.
  •  After this, click on the match you want to watch.
  •  Now the live cricket match will be started on your mobile.

 2. JioTV

 If you are a Jio user then you can enjoy live cricket for free through the Jio TV app.  For this, you should have Jio's SIM and a smartphone.  The Jio company provides its users with free live cricket TV channels and movies etc. for free.  Today, every Internet user has a SIM of Jio, in such a situation, all are enjoying free TV channels.

 How to Watch Live Cricket Match in JioTV App

  •  First of all download the JioTV App on your mobile.
  •  After that open the JioTV App.
  •  Now select Sports in the bottom.
  •  Here you can watch Live Cricket.

 3. TV Channel

 As you know, Star Sports Channel currently has the right to broadcast cricket matches in the country, so all international and domestic matches are broadcast on all Star Sports channels.  This time the Star Channel also has the responsibility of broadcasting the IPL on TV.  In such a situation, all the matches of IPL can be seen in this channel.  If you live outside the country, then you can watch Live Cricket on the channel of other country, its list is given below.

  •  Star Sports - India
  •  GEO Super - Pakistan (will not be shown this year)
  •  Lemar TV - Afganistan
  •  Channel 9 - Bangladesh
  •  Fox Sports - Australia
  •  Willow TV, ESPN - USA
  •  Sky Sports - UK & Ireland

 4. Google

 Although you cannot watch Live TV in this, but you can get updates of Live Score.  For this, you will have to do an IPL search on Google.  After this, Google will continue to tell you Live Score in the search result.  Not only this, you can also know when the next match will be played between which team.  Information about both domestic and international cricket matches is given here.

5. Tata Sky Mobile App

 Good news for Tata Sky Users, because if you use Tata sky setup box in your home, then you can use tata sky app in your mobile absolutely free.

 Just for this you have to download tata sky mobile app from google playstore and login with your registered mobile number. After this, whatever channel you can watch on your TV, you will be able to watch the same channel on mobile as well.

 These were some of the best ways that you can easily watch Free IPL Matches.

 Additional Tip: If you are still unable to watch the live match, then you will have to follow the steps given below:

 1. Go to settings> Apps

 2. Tap on the app in which you are streaming the IPL match, then 'Storage'.

 3. Now clear all the data.

 4. By following all such steps, you can also clear the data of Airtel TV app, Jio Tv, Oreo Tv and Thop Tv Live. This can definitely fix your streaming issue.

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 FAQ About IPL:

 1. Delhi Capital is the first team that has been a part of the IPL but they have not played the final match yet, yes friends, Delhi is the only team that has never played the IPL final.

 2. In the history of IPL, the record of the highest number of dot balls has been given here. Praveen Kumar, who has bowled the most dot balls in the IPL, Friends, he has thrown 1075 balls in only 119 matches.

 3. IPL are ranked sixth in all the sports leagues of the world and the first winner of the first IPL was Rajasthan Royals.

 4. Star India had bought the IPL league telecast in the year 2018 with a bid of 16347.50 crores and Star India today has rights for TV and digital from 2018 to 2022 i.e. you can watch IPL on Star Sport till 2022 Ho .

 5. Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli are two Indian players who have won the most valuable points award.

 6. Chennai Super King is the team that has not changed its captain so far, from 2008 to 2020, Mahi is handling the captaincy of Chennai Super King.

 7. SHAUN MARSH is the first player to win the first Orange Cap Award in the IPL and became the first batsman in Indian history to win the Orange Cap title to his name.

 8. Amit Mishra has taken the most hat-trick in IPL, he has taken one hat-trick for each team from 3 teams.

 9. Australian team batsman David Warner is the only IPL batsman to have won the Orange Cap three times in the year 2015,2017,2019. David Warner has won the Orange title 3 times and is the batsman in the history of IPL who has won the Orange Cap most times in the IPL.

 10. Friends, Suresh Raina, who recently retired from international cricket, has taken the most catches in an IPL match.

 11. Friends, let us tell you that once during the match between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super King, a dog came to the stadium which was a very laughable scene.

 12. Virat Kohli holds the record for the most runs scored in a season in the IPL, Virat Kohli scored 973 runs in 16 matches including a batting average of 4 centuries 38 six 188.

 13. It will be known that there is a lot of demand for IPL around the world and we can get an idea from this where ICC had crossbonded T20 IPL due to coronavirus but this time also you watch IPL on TV. Will find.

 According to a US agency survey, the total brand value of the IPL was around $ 500 crore in 2015, but by 2020, its brand value has increased significantly. In the history of 2015, Yuvraj Singh was the highest bought at ₹ 16 crores while The IPL price was 15 crores.

 14. Sachin Tendulkar is the first Indian batsman to win the Orange Cap of IPL, no Indian batsman had won the Orange title before that. Sachin Tendulkar is the first such batsman after him Robin Uthappa has named Orange Cap but Sachin The first such Batman was.

 15. In the IPL, the record of making 50 first is in the name of KL Rahul whom he made in just 14 bolts and the record of making a fast century is in the name of Chris Gayle, Gail hit a century in 30 balls.

 16. DJ Bravo and Bhubaneswar are two players who have won the Purple Cap twice.

 17. Parthik Patel is such a batsman who has played matches in most teams, he has been a part of six teams.

 18. The first person to take a hat-trick in IPL is Laxmipathy Balaji. He took a hat-trick from CSK's Kings XI Punjab on 2018.

 19. Amit Mishra, who is currently a part of Delhi Capital, has taken the most hat-trick in IPL history, he has taken hat-trick three times in IPL history, which is the biggest fact in IPL history.

 20. Friends Praveen Kumar is the first bowler to have bowled the first over in the beginning of IPL and it became the first bowler to bowl the first over of the IPL.


 This was the complete article of IPL kaise dekhe Live Free me.  If you have any other question, then do tell us in the comments, you will get the answer in the comment itself.  We hope you like the article.  If yes, then you should share and comment on it, so that we will be encouraged to write such articles.


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